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Gray Side Table

Gray Side Table

Model: 6719
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This rustic solid wood side table enhances the comfort and style of the living room and is perfect for sofas, sofas, and armchairs. Its C shape allows the coffee table to slide easily under the sofa, which allows you to easily set up your laptop, enjoy a drink or a snack.


  • Regarding the design of the table, we deliberately made the corners blunt, so as to prevent children from hitting and avoid unnecessary injuries.
  • The slot on the side of the table is perfect for storing books, magazines or TV remotes.
  • This C-shaped side sofa table base easily slips under a sofa or chair. The wooden material not only look great, but more importantly, they are environmentally friendly.
  • Dimensions: 11.0 In. W X 24.0 In. H X 15.0 In. D